Odyssey – Digital Version


Odyssey is the sophomore instrumental album from Canadian musician, Jamie Penner.

From the opening track of The Journey with its high-energy 70’s style synth leads, an audio odyssey is what you embark on.

You now get to enjoy the smooth toe-tapping beat of New Shoes, the driving sounds of the Red Special in Royal Treatment (a deliberate tribute to Brian May), the sizzling talk-box on Denim Blues, a fun and simple groove with Pivot, and some fresh, modern takes on the classics, Popcorn and Sunny.

The album then closes with the perfect epic ending of the title track, Odyssey, which leaves you simply wanting to hear more.

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 The Journey 3:08 (Penner)

New Shoes 5:18 (Penner)

Popcorn 4:12 (Kingsley)

Royal Treatment 2:26 (Penner)

Denim Blues 4:10 (Penner)

Pivot 5:08 (Penner)

Sunny 2:44 (Hebb)

Odyssey 4:33 (Penner)

All songs published by Coulee View Music except:

“Sunny” By Bobby HebbCopyright Songs of Universal, Inc. o/b/o, Pw Ballads, Songs of Universal, Inc., o/b/o Bara Joy Music Co. LLC, and Songs of Universal, Inc.

“Popcorn” By Gershon Kingsley Copyright Bourne Co.

© ℗ 2022 Jamie Penner