Out Of Curiosity – Digital Version


Out Of Curiosity is the debut instrumental album from Canadian musician, Jamie Penner.

Rising out of the isolation of 2020, the tracks on this album capture a very personal process of creativity, raw recording (many of the sounds were conceived and recorded in only 1 or 2 takes), and a solo effort to turn this time into something positive.

The opening track, “Telstar”, is a modern twist on a classic surf tune. The album then takes you on a journey through a collection of songs ranging in style from the funky grooves of “Autumn Rose” to the cinematic melody of “Last Train to Devon”, and ending with the dramatic electric guitar driven, “Relativity”.

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3:23 (Meek)

 Autumn Rose
4:19 (Penner)

Surely (Out Of Curiosity)
3:15 (Penner)

In My Head
3:03 (Penner)

Last Train To Devon
4:58 (Penner)

4:08 (Penner)

5:37 (Brewster, Stockton, Vysochin)

All songs published by Coulee View Music except:

“Telstar” By Joe Meek Copyright Music Sales Corporation o/b/o Campbell Connelly and Co. Ltd

“Relativity” By Lincoln Brewster, Norm Stockton, and Roman Vysochin Copyright Capitol Cmg Paragon o/b/o Integrity’s Praise! Music, Capitol Cmg Amplifier o/b/o Nordinary Music, and Capitol Cmg Paragon o/b/o Worldwide Echoes

© ℗ 2020 Jamie Penner