No Words – Digital Version


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No Words is the third instrumental album release from Canadian musician, Jamie Penner.

A continuation of the journey from the previous album Odyssey, Paradox opens with a melodic intro leading into a guitar driven anthem.

The second track may seem familiar to fans of The Matrix. Spybreak! is a high energy action packed song that keeps you moving from start to finish with a heavy bass line and almost hypnotic rhythm.

Selfie, Let’s Go, and Reminisce are original tracks written specifically for this album. Each is unique and showcases different styles and instruments.

Amazing Grace is done with a traditional gospel feel to the piano with a melodic guitar playfully chasing the melody throughout.  This track is unique in that it’s the only song to date (out of 25 released songs) that features an artist aside from Jamie. Kalamazoo musician, Kevin Reeves is featured on piano on this track.

The album finishes off with Rain, a single released in September, 2022 and a fun instrumental version of the 70’s Bee Gees smash-hit, Jive Talkin’ with it’s recognizable funky bass beat and playful synthesizers.

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Paradox 4:57 (Penner)

Spybreak! 4:06 (Gifford)

Selfie 4:12 (Penner)

Let’s Go 3:38 (Penner)

Reminisce 3:38 (Penner)

Amazing Grace 3:31 (Newton)

Rain 4:21 (Visvanath)

Jive Talkin’ 3:39 (R Gibb, B Gibb, M Gibb)

All songs published by Coulee View Music except:

“Spybreak!” By Alexander Gifford Copyright Chrysalis-Music-Ltd

“Rain” By Dhruv Visvanath Copyright Songtrust Ave

“Jive Talkin’” By Robin Gibb, Barry Gibb, and Maurice Gibb Copyright Warner-Tamerlane Pub Corp. o/b/o Crompton Songs LLC and Universal Music-Careers o/b/o Universal Music Publ. Mgb Ltd.

© ℗ 2023 Jamie Penner